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Lok Awaas Yatra - Nothern Region

by Bhairab Giri Goswami last modified 2010-12-20 18:17

The fourth Yatra through the hilly Northern Region is being organised between 6th – 10th December 2010 covering Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The Yatra, this time with two trails focuses on issues of hilly geo-climatic zones and attempts to draw lessons particularly on the use of new and renewable energy sources for habitat. The Yatra is looks at the changing climatic conditions and disaster vulnerability of these regions and attempts to draw wisdom from traditional habitat practices in an increasingly fragile ecological context. The Yatra thus visits projects focused on energy generation using organic and renewable sources – solar, biogas, biomass, traditional water mills and others. It also visits centres  promoting the development and commercialization of low energy construction technologies and learns from pilot initiatives on structural retrofitting of buildings as eco- tourism.

The trails will conclude in a regional seminar at Dharmshala on 10th December 2010 that will identify key enablers for enhancing the quality of rural habitats in the hills. Key partners for the Yatra are Himalayan Enviornmental Studies and Conservation Organisation (HESCO), Technology And Research Network (TARN), Dehradun, Institute for Integrated Himalayan Studies (IIHS), Shimla and Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), Sundernagar.

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