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Himachal Pradesh Trail-Day1

by Bhairab Giri Goswami last modified 2010-12-08 10:24

On a chilly winter morning, warming my hands on a  cup of piping hot tea, I look out of the window and see army cadets warming up for their morning drill- ‘You’re not alone’  they seem to be saying

As we get set for the launch of the trail the heady feeling catches up, there is urgency in the air, the excitement spreads from one to the next.

we get ready to greet a new partner, IIHS,  and kick-start a new yatra trail- confident in the positive synergies between the team members.

Dr Bansal, Director, IIHS extended a warm welcome and reiterated the themes of the yatra and the cause the yatra espouses- ‘we’re not alone in this’

There is keenness for this relationship to be taken further and need for research and advocacy interests to converge.

Next, travel 75 kilometers to Kotti village, got us to the apple growing territory of the state. The change is visible- solar lights that work lighting up public pathways; buildings, passages and open spaces coming together in a manner that feels ‘just right’. There is no signs of garbage. As we gradually move around, it is clear this place is seeped in history as the old and the new is coming together, ‘1500 years of documented history’ we’re told!

As we absorb this new place, I want to know more, does the community understand the environmental implications of them sustaining life here!

This is an ecologically aware, empowered community, an empowerment and affluence that has come about since apple was introduced some 40 years ago.

As I thank hosts, we all want to come back here again here!

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