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Vidarbha Trail Day II

by deepak last modified 2010-01-05 15:02

We were discussing the CSV approach which is commendable for the range of technologies and also its strength in demonstration. but a habitat-linked livelihoods approach is not really in their agenda which also limits their outreach.

One clear connection is the livelihood of potters which is strengthened by the tile requirement in their vault roof. In other cases, such as cookstoves, water filters, it is directly supplied by csv. In case of toilets constructed in ODF villages, CSV directly implements the construction through a team of masons which they have originally trained.

we had a good cultural evening as well, full of songs by each team (accompanied by resident synth and dholak players!). To our surprise, CSV had arranged for a team of performers who were on stage with a set of dance performances and even messages of clean water, toilets and healthy environment!..vijay mason from the bundelkhand team belted some traditional bundeli songs accompanied by others...geetika also took the mike and so did both prashant and later samir kurve who sang a mukesh song each! fun evening with reasonable bonding..

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